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About Us

Avery Landscape Fire Defense was founded by Anthony Avery in 2020. After retiring from the Army after the Afghan war, Anthony decided he was no longer interested in using his degree to sit behind a desk, and started doing yard maintenance work to keep active. He began focusing on fire perimeter work after witnessing the devastation caused by the Butte Fire (2015) and noticing how much better homes fared during the Electra Fire (2022). The clearing work families had done in between those two fires made it very clear how important this work is.

Soon he became so busy that he had to hire additional help. Today, Anthony and his team are ready to help you make your yard more fire resistant.

Give us a call today to discuss how we might help you become more fire safe - and don't be suprised if Anthony's business partner, Sloane (a long time firefighter), answers the phone. He usually can't hear it over the weedeater!
(209) 286-6446.